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Our staff has the technical expertiese to satisfy all of your business' requirements, with the professionalism you expect from your own employees. We employ your preferred methodology, from agile to full SDLC, to provide you with the most robust, functional, documented solution that your business requires.

Strategy Development

Does your business use technology to maximize its potential? Do you have defined technical goals? Using over a decade's worth of accumulated knowledge from various technical giants, we can help develop your strategy into one that places you in the right direction.

Business Analysis

Does your business know its technical path? Does your current path provide measurable statistics against your goals? Do you know what you want but don't know how to get there? We can show you which way to turn.

System Analysis

Dealing with dispirate, fragmented, ineffecient, dated, confusing, or seemingly useless systems? Not getting what you need out of your current systems? Need an expert's advice on what to change to get the most for your dollar? Let our analysts do what they do best, and provide you with a clear path forward.0

Enterprise Architecture Design

Is your current system unable to keep up with today's demands? Worried about making it through tomorrow? Don't know how to get started? We can design a system that fits all of your present and future requirements. Benefit from our experience.

Design Specification

Once you know what you need, we can write a comprehensive design specification that will both serve as a detailed implementation guide, as well as a living document for future maintenance concerns.

Technical Implementation

When you need something specific, our staff can implement it. Test-driven development, custom coding, component integration... all done methodically by highly professional individuals.

Ongoing Support

Need staff on a long term or reocurring basis? Don't want high turnover to require retraining multiple people people for the same position? Count on our people to be there when you need them, for what they already know.


Is it time to update an outdated system? Be it a simple version upgrade, vendor upgrade, hardware upgrade, or a complete system refresh, our staff can take care of your upgrade on your schedule, using our rollback and testing methodologies.

Website Development

Do you need a website presence? Want to improve your visibility? Have merchandise to sell? Want something you can take care of yourself? We specialize in website development... we've been doing it since it started -- internet marketing, Intranet portals, eCommerce sites, functional web applications, internet banking, online bill payment... we've done it all.

Search Engine Optimization

Can't understand why your competitors get all of the business? Do you want to see your company place better in Google or Bing? We have relevant, up-to-date insider knowledge on how to design a site to perform better than ever in search engines. Wany substantiated results? We can implemet any number of web metric tracking packages.

Data Migration

Need assistance combining old with new data? Outgrow your current database, and need something more substantial? Trying to move between database vendors? Concerned with long-term data retention strategies? Experience is critical here -- ours can make you comfortable.

HIE Compliance

Health information needs to be exchanged in a standard, secure manner. Let our experience make the transition easy for you.